Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Inspired by a library book, I decided to try to make a Bakewell Tart.
I thought it would be a bit tricky as I am not that good at baking so I enlisted the help of a Time Exchange member. We made it in The Time Exchange kitchen.

The Ultimate Book of Vegan Cooking: Everything you need to know about going Vegan, from choosing the best ingredients to practical advice on health and nutrition Paperback – 28 Dec 2012
by Tony Bishop-Weston (Author), Yvonne Bishop-Weston (Author)


Jeff sent this photo of Gallowgate with Sandman Signature hotel (exactly where Newcastle "Brown Ale" Brewery used to be), and St James Park with student flats in the background.

Vegan Tofu Fish Sticks

The Vegan Fish and Chip Shop Project continues with an attempt at Fish Fingers
We followed the recipe exactly, I had even got kelp powder off eBay, but the fishy taste was minimal if at all. It was great fun making it however. I think we may have had misunderstood the recipe re breadcrumb quantity.

Should you wish to recreate this delicious plate of veggie heaven, clockwise, Tofu Fishy Fingers as according to recipe in above link, tinned mushy peas (Tesco), broccoli cooked in microwave (Tesco), steak-cut oven chips (Tesco).
2 good protein sources for vegans are tofu and peas (any kind of peas will do).

The Most Beautiful Laburnums Live in Leazes Park

This year has been fantastic for the Laburnum trees around the Leazes Park area. Just a few for you I saw in the last few weeks...

Monday, 13 June 2016

Vegan Fish and Chips Tofu

At the weekend we had a go at making the tofu fish and chips using this recipe...
click here

The batter was good, we used vegetable oil in a non stick pan which worked quite well, however despite marinating the tofu in vinegar and seaweed for about 6 hours there was no discernible fishy taste! The mushy peas are a value range Tesco tinned variety and the chips are McCains. The tofu was from Cauldron Foods.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Leazes Park Safety Funding Investment

From Newcastle University Student Union News...

"Secured a £90,000 investment to improve safety in Leazes Park, this will be particularly helpful to first year students crossing the park for Castle Leazes and Richardson Road."
This is very interesting and I have not been able to find any more information on this, Northumbria Police has a mention of the attack on some students in the park on their site, however it would be interesting to learn more about this investment, who it is being awarded by and who will be doing the improvements. Hopefully it will actually bear fruit and park users will benefit. Could be that the shrubbery work we have seen this year has been part of this However its a lot of money to cut back shrubs...?
In my opinion the work on shrubbery will help safety also signage and lighting. The amount of rubbish and broken glass is also a problem.