Monday, 28 July 2014

Warden Hill (view from the top)

At the top of Warden Hill you can see all around.

Footpath to Warden Hill overgrown with High Summer Foliage

The footpath to Warden Hill was extremely overgrown. It is supposed to be a bridleway, and maybe easier in some parts for a horse to pass, however due to many sections of the path having adverse camber, I think it would be rather tricky for a horse.
Less people seem to be out and about on walks this year, even though walking is supposed to be very popular.

Butterfly on Thistle

This picture shows a small tortoiseshell feeding on the nectar from a thistle flower.

Cookoo Pint (Warden Hill Path)

warden Hill Path flora

On the path to Warden Hill there are many wild raspberry bushes beside the path. At this time of year it is easy to pick and eat them as you go past. Leave some for the birds, and dogs, who also enjoy eating them.

Warden Hill

There is a nice walk from the small hamlet of Warden to the neolithic hill fort of Warden Hill and High Warden.
Download a free map and guide using this click link
At this time of the year there is a tradition of effigies or odd doll like creatures around the Northumberland villages.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Hamsterley Forest

Recently Jeff and I went to Hamsterley Forest for the day.
We had a really good time despite arguing over which trail to take when a logging diversion closed part of the path. The walk was very challenging and both of us could not believe that we had walked such a short distance as it felt like at least twice as long as the map claimed.
These are a couple of creatures we met on the way.

A walker looking rather fatigued.

A Gruffalo, having escaped from a children's storybook.