Friday, 19 June 2015

Bistort in Leazes Park

Here is a good array of Bistort which I noticed recently.

At the moment Leazes Park is getting overgrown due to
budget cuts and of course, plants growing!

Other than invasive species such as the Japanese Knotweed and the spread of Rhodedendron, also our furry friends Rattus norvegicus, this is good news for wildlife as seeds and undergrowth proliferates.
Sometimes a large amount of people will converge on the park at once for events and when this happens a large amount of mess can be left behind.

The Park is now being maintained by Volunteer Rangers, Groundworks , and some of the Leazes Park Angling Club are getting in the Lake with their chest waders on to clean up mess and provide some habitat for the waterbirds and fish.

Lots of Canada Geese have had chicks this year and they have got well trained local people to feed them with either white bread or grain!

Hedgehog in Dumfries &Galloway Woods

Another photo from our recent visit to Dumfries & Galloway.
The woods in the "Forests of the Solway Coast" are very special.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Science Central looking towards Westgate Hill and Big Lamp

Another photo by Jeff, taken from an empty space in the Science Central area, is it a car park or something? We are looking up towards the tower block flats on Westgate Road, known as Vallum Court, Westgate Court and Todds Nook (Multi Storey Flats, Westgate Road).
You can also see the new (ish) Sikh Gudwara and St. Matthews Church.

Newcastle Civic Centre

Jeff sent a photo of Newcastle Civic Centre which was recently taken, looking from St Mary's Place.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Mosses and lichens in Scottish woods

Wandering in the peaceful Scottish woods, observing the low lying mosses and hidden worlds near the path, populated by myriad sentient beings. Imagining oneself miniaturised as a tiny sentient being, one would look up at the giants towering above, or perhaps not notice any giants at all. The giants could bestow benevolence or trample one underfoot.

Sunset in the West of Scotland

Recently Jeff and I stayed in Scotland for a week, there were some great sunsets with unusual cloud formations.

Leazes Park Spring Flowers and new footpath sign

Some fabulous flowers this Spring in Leazes Park, most of these were seen recently on the walk from the Richardson Road RVI Leazes Wing entrance, heading towards the Barack Road entrance.

New Public Footpath sign, pointing in towards the entrance to Leazes Park and Castle Leazes Little Moor, which is at the junction of Barrack Road and Stanhope Street, opposite the Black Bull Public House.
I've been trying to get a good photo of this sign which naturally shows the distinctive green "Public Footpath shade", to no avail as yet.