Wednesday, 30 September 2009

29th September

29th September is a special day for Jeff and I. We celebrated by going to the Tyneside cinema and then for dinner at Nudo Noodle House on Low Friar Street. The film was Jeff's choice, "The Soloist" a hard hitting poltical drama.

Rhubodach Ferry

This is Bute's second ferry, linking Rhubodach in northern Bute with Colintraive on the Cowal Peninsula.
If travelling round Bute in a car, this is as far as you can drive, and then the road runs out. We left the car and had a bit of a walk up to some old woodland.

Wemyss Bay Ferry and Railway Station

The Railway Station at Wemyss Bay is very Victorian. It's where we got the Ferry to Bute.
The Ferry takes cars, goods and foot passengers.

More Bute Photos coming soon!

A book I read recently

I recently borrowed this book from the library "The Mother Factor: How Your Mother's Emotional Legacy Impacts Your Life".
Check the title link for a link to this book on Amazon.
I thought it was really interesting for anyone who wants to understand how their minds work, and it is relevant for anyone, man or woman,whether one's parents are alive or not, but perhaps would only appeal to those with an open mind and patience for self help books! The author, Stephan B. Poulter has written a similar book about fathers, apparently.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Cholesterol and updates

Recently we have been on holiday in the Western Isles, well one of them, Bute to be specific.
We had a great time and some photos will be showing soon once I get round to uploading them.
In the meantime I have had a birthday and will have to get used to adding one number onto my age.
I have been hearing some news about cholesterol levels.
There is a lot of evidence showing that removing animal products, including dairy products and fish, from the diet has a very beneficial effect on lowering cholesterol levels.
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