Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Back from Holiday

We got back from visiting The New Forest and I felt the change of scene had been really helpful. Decided to put all guttering worries aside.
Jeff has a lot of photos of our holiday so I will post some in the next few days, with more info, in the meantime I found this video about the cleanup operation in Japan. It's awe inspiring, particularly for those of us with interest in environmental issues

Friday, 17 June 2011

repair reference number

Doing some decluttering of paperwork I found this note on my desk:

304 701 81
water coming in through ventilation unit.

***** to attend on Tuesday AM.

There isn't a date on the note so I'm not sure when this happened as there have been too many phone calls related to water coming into the flat when it rains (due to no gutter at that part of the roof).

Supposedly our homes are supposed to meet a minimum standard of being weatherproof, however if one needs to keep a bucket strategically placed in the event of heavy rainfall when one is not at home, its hardly weatherproof.

I have read a retrofit is planned at some point in order to make our homes more energy efficient.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Gutter lack of progress

This morning I phoned the repair contractor (a wholly owned subsidiary of the landlord but a separate legal entity) to ask about progress on the guttering.
After I gave my postcode and reason for the call the operator asked me if anyone had been out to see to it. When I confirmed they had indeed come out to look, and had just looked (the technical term for just looking is "Visual Inspection", she told me I was going to be put on hold, so I was on hold for quite some time.
Eventually she got back to me and said the matter had now been passed to the Planning Department, and "Shellie" would call me back (at some unspecified date and time).
I am now going to email the repair contractor the address of this blog so they can have all the info going back over the last year.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Holiday 2011

This year Jeff and I are visiting The Barn Vegan Guest House for our summer holiday.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Realizing Genjokoan

I spent a long meditation weekend at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey recently and we studied some passages from the following translation of Great Master Dogen's teachings:
Realizing Genjokoan by Shohaku Okumura.
I was particularly fascinated by the following quote:
"Therefore flowers fall even though we love them; weeds grow even though we dislike them".
Flowers are things or situations we want, weeds are things we don't want... in my opinion anyway.
There are a lot of web sites devoted to English Translations of Genjokoan.

Guttering Repairs Reference Numbers

I now have 2 reference numbers for the repairs to the broken  guttering.
3044 1525 is the latest one.
A previous reference number was generated in May and is 3047 2102.
Neighbours can use these numbers when phoning the repair call centre to enquire about the progress of this repair.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Guttering Distress

I still have not had any news of  a start date for the replacement of the broken guttering, reported December 3. 2010..
I have had a number of visits from the repair contractors to address problems with the water coming into the flat via the vent hole for the positive pressure ventilation system.
First I was told in the winter, they had to wait for the weather, then they were waiting for the insurance company to pay out, because it was such a big job to replace all the flats' gutters, and now I am being told they just should be doing it.. but they are not.
Yesterday I found some rainwater coming in to the hallway despite having had a cover put on the outside of the vent a few weeks ago, and before that, some sealant put around the space where the new  positive pressure ventilation system had been installed a couple of years ago and was not properly sealed.
The rainwater is draining off the roof at exactly that point where the broken gutter is coinciding with the part of the wall where the vent exit is.
The purpose of the positive pressure ventilation system is to draw fresh air into the flat and push it through the flat, which it is why it is drawing the water in with the fresh air.

After phoning the landlord they again denied all responsibility and referred me back to the repair contractor. I have been told by the landlord if I am not satisfied I have to make a complaint about the contractor.
However I have no issues or complaints with the actual people I have dealt with and ultimately the people in charge will evade all responsibility and blame.

Late spring rhodedendons trees and oregano

We were given some free herb plants at Greening Wingrove Festival. This is an oregano plant, we got a curry plant too. The nasturtiums and pot marigold seeds I planted a while back have grown, but not flowered yet. 
Here is  is a fabulous reign of spreading rhodedendons at the front of the houses, which are at their peak at the moment in full flower. Please visit there for latest news from Herbwormwood