Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bush with white flowers

I liked this bush with the little white flowers, and bees buzzing happily everywhere.

Other soft fruit and a shy gardener

We planted coriander beetroot, basil and some other seeds in seed trays.

Strawberries and other crops

In the brick bed the strawberry plants are getting ready to pick. In the background nets protect the crops from birds.

Time Exchange Allotment

After walking down a long lane between allotments we arrived at the gate to Arthur's Hill Time Exchange Allotment

Nun's Moor Allotments

On Midsummer's Day I was asked to join a work group at the Time Exchange Allotment, which is in the Nun's Moor Allotments, which officially date from 1889.
Allotments were plots of publicly owed land "allotted" to people who lived in the sort of dwellings which had no access to land, such as tenements and back to back terraces, where they could grow food to feed their families.
The weather was warm and balmy, with lots of sun.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

2 repair requests made today

Eventually got around to deciding to ask for 2 repairs from the landlord's repair service.
The positive pressure ventilation system which ventilates the flat does not appear to be doing anything. I checked the manual and it says if the air is not fresh and stale smells are hanging around the filter needs changing. It was installed July summer 2009 and the filter needs changing every 1- 2 years.
Also the tiles in the shower are cracked around my shower seat.
I made the phone call this morning and have been given an appointment for both repairs to be completed on the afternoon of Thursday July 05.
We shall see what happens.

Monday, 18 June 2012


Saima and Silvia came for lunch on Saturday and to get a demonstration of healthy low fat stir fry.
Saima brought this lovely bunch of flowers and a bag of bean sprouts.

I stir fried the bean sprouts in 1 dessertspoon toasted sesame oil until they were soft and wilted.
Then I added half a bag of frozen stir fry oriental style vegetables. When they were done I added a small tin of sweetcorn, a pack of cauldron foods marinated tofu, and a small tin of pineapple rings, some tomato ketchup, cider vinegar and tamari. Then I added some cooked noodles.
For pudding we had prunes with vanilla soya yoghurt.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Miniature River Tees at Nature's World with boats

You can see the Transporter Bridge and someone operating one of the model boats,with a group of children watching further up river.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Boats on miniature River Tees at Nature's World

There is a working model of the River Tees at Nature's World.

Today there were lots of boats on it.

Tyre Garden at Nature's World

It is all about helping the environment, recycling, water conservation, permaculture and using reclaimed materials.

Mural (Nature's World)

An artwork displayed in the garden at Nature's World

Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday

We had a double bank holiday for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Jeff and I took Mum out for the day to Nature's World in Acklam.
Last time we went it was last winter so it was quite different. Follow the brown signs from the A 19 and it is very easy to find.


Purple flower could be chives.

Reading List

Last time I went to Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey I bought a copy of "Moon in a Dewdrop" which is translations of many writings of Dogen. I am reading it now in conjunction with "Gilead"which Linda the librarian has asked me to read, in preparation for attending a book group she runs.

She also recommemended
Civilization : the six killers apps of Western p ...
By Ferguson, Niall

I did not care much for this book although I learned quite a bit about China and also the history of colonisation of the Americas. I did not have the patience to finish it.
I also read

Aftermath : on marriage and separation
By Cusk, Rachel

This one I just had to read as I kept reading about it when I read the Review section in Saturday Guardian, which is where I often read about books I want to read. It was fairly engrossing in a yucky kind of way.

Secret life of the grown-up brain : the surprisi ...
By Strauch, Barbara
I read about this one in the Big Issue magazine... Apparently it is "nearly normal" after the age of 40 to forget names and what you went into the kitchen to get.

Lost river
By Booth, Stephen

Fairly gripping and well written crime- psychological thriller type thing

Garden News

Earlier in the year I was in Lidl and noticed they had cheaps seeds, 2 packets for 50 pence.
I planted them outside the window and was very disapointed when they did not grow. April was so wet and the ground was waterlogged. I was sure the birds had eaten them. Then we did get some sun.
Recently I noticed they are starting to grow, and there are a a lot of them.
I had bought a packet of Dwarf mixed nasturtiums and a packet of climbing nasturtiums, as last year I found them climbing the hedge. I had also bought some marigold seeds but they are not showing yet.
Also planted a pot herb which was already in flower, Lavender Anouk.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Evening in the small coastal village of Kippford, near where we went for our holiday.

A Woodland Tower Block

I love these tree trunk stumps which have all the different plants mosses and fungi growing on them with homes for all the insects.

Woodland in Dumfries and Galloway

Bluebell Woods were in all directions.

Our Holiday in Scotland

Last month Jeff and I went to our favorite holiday park in Dumfries and Galloway. We stayed in a 2 bedroomed caravan with some lovely views.

Here is the view from the kitchen window looking out at the park.
It's really interesting living in such a compact space for a week. Please visit there for latest news from Herbwormwood