Friday, 17 May 2013

More news on lead water main replacement

Today I had a couple of telephone conversations with the surveyor who is responsible for making the replacement of our lead water main with a new lead-free one happen.
Apparently Northumbrian Water (otherwise known as "the water board") have been out to check the trench. The trench is a big hole where the water pipe goes. The trench has to fit specific regulations, and not being up to them had to be widened, so the subcontracted paviers had to dig up more of the pavingstones and ground under it.
Once Northumbrian Water approve the trench there is a period of 21 days notice before the actual water can be connected. Northumbrian Water staff have to actually go into the property (our homes) to connect. This is a new regulation as now the Northumbrian Water own that part of the pipe, or have responsibility for it. Used to be owned by landlord or homeowner.
I was able to find a video which shows a very similar project happening, and explains it in quite a lot of detail, although this bloke is doing both the plumbing and the trenching, making things a bit less complicated.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Crocus type flower, and Red Bushes

More plants at Durham Botanic Garden

Water themed artwork

Click here for info on the artist and the meaning behind the artwork.

This sculptures is about water collection and the animals on it are symbolising life on Planet Earth, which is totally dependent on water. Without water we would all be dead. Humans in particular need clean water.
Which reminds me: we are still waiting for completion of our lead water mains replacement. Replacing the lead supply pipe with a new lead -free one. The pipework to connect has been done but Northumbrian Water have to complete and connect the pipes to the mains before the trench can be filled and the paving stones put back.

Durham Botanic Garden Heron Sculpture

Another sculpture, of a heron

Metal Sculptures at Durham Botanic Garden

These metal insect sculptures of fly or wasp like creatures are very similar to spider and toadstool sculptures in Ward Jackson's Park in Hartlepool.
I found a video with them in here... near the end of the video you will see them if you are patient.

Durham Botanic Gardens

Another day out at Durham University Botanic Garden, as Spring seemed to have finally arrived and the sun was shining.
However we are still having very cold spells and even hailstones and sleet.

Cash crisis forces Acklam's Nature's World centre into adminstration - Local News - News

Cash crisis forces Acklam's Nature's World centre into adminstration - Local News - News

I was sorry to hear Nature's World near Middlesborough where we have visited a few times, has been forced to close, due to funding difficulties.

Back at Blyth Beach

The first Bank Holiday in May we went to Blyth Beach. There are some wind turbines, sheds for Port of Blyth, the pier, and people having fun on the beach. Please visit there for latest news from Herbwormwood